Woodstock Town Partnership

A beautiful and safe town set within accessible countryside
A thriving economy based on our strengths as an attractive visitor destination
A place with outstanding facilities for everyday life as well as for special events
A diverse community active in influencing its own future


Public Engagement

The public has been involved at as many stages as has been possible throughout the "healthcheck" process. The steering group and the composition of the focus groups/task force groups has ensured that. In addition, the town survey was sent to every household in Woodstock and the parishes’ survey to a proportion of households in the surrounding villages (see details in previous chapter).

On 22nd and 23rd October 2011 the Partnership held an "open weekend". The date chosen deliberately coincided with one of Woodstock’s popular annual events, the Art in Woodstock week, at which local and national artists showcase their work at many venues throughout the town. The event brings in to the town centre, residents, neighbours from the surrounding parishes, and visitors from further afield. The Partnership steering group considered that the additional footfall over the busy Art in Woodstock weekend would ensure that as many as possible had the opportunity to comment on the work of the Partnership and to offer as many ideas for a future town vision as possible. At the end of the weekend, we had more than fifty comments on post-it notes which are summarised as follows:-

Social and Community

  • new GP surgery
  • improved social club
  • multi-use Community centre
  • skate park
  • new youth club
  • theatre
  • extended season for swimming pool and/or new roof for pool
  • more police on the beat
  • crack down on anti-social behaviour


  • more utility shops
  • better use of TVP Car Park
  • deal with high rents for businesses
  • housing too expensive

Traffic and Transport

  • parking review
  • multi-storey car park
  • better speed enforcement
  • no hgvs/weight limits through town
  • more cycleways incl to Old Wdstk


  • wheelie bins left on street
  • bring back weekly collections
  • more alottments
  • public loos that work

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