Woodstock Town Partnership

A beautiful and safe town set within accessible countryside
A thriving economy based on our strengths as an attractive visitor destination
A place with outstanding facilities for everyday life as well as for special events
A diverse community active in influencing its own future


Next Steps

The Woodstock Partnership report remains a “work in progress”. Much remains to be done. But as the Town Partnership steering group seeks to hand over their work to be taken forward by the Woodstock Town Council, it is pertinent to pick out a few issues that need further study or attention.

1. The town council will need to determine whether it wants to embark on the time consuming and probably expensive process of a full blown Neighbourhood Plan. The alternative that is now recommended by the Town Partnership steering group is a Town Plan. The Town Plan does not have the statutory impact of a Neighbourhood Plan but, provided it seeks to work with the principal authorities as a cooperative venture, there is no reason why its impact cannot be just as significant

2. Of the four issues identified in the Executive Summary, the most pressing is probably the issue of parking. The town partnership steering group recommends that the town council engages with other stakeholders to see whether additional parking space can be found in the town. This should include both off-street and on-street possibilities.

3. It is also suggested that the case for more parking might be better made if a parking survey were to be carried out to provide some empirical evidence.

4. It is also suggested that engagement with the business community (including the non-retail sector) would be useful to provide another perspective on the resilience of the town’s economy.