Woodstock Town Partnership

A beautiful and safe town set within accessible countryside
A thriving economy based on our strengths as an attractive visitor destination
A place with outstanding facilities for everyday life as well as for special events
A diverse community active in influencing its own future


Appendix "A" Focus Groups Terms of Reference

Economic Wellbeing Focus Group


  • In the light of the our emergence from the recession, to consider whether the balance of the Woodstock economy is soundly based and how any adjustments might be influenced
  • To review the relationship between the town economy and that of Blenheim Palace and how it might be enhanced and improved.
  • To consider how the needs of residents of Woodstock and the neighbouring parishes might be better served.
  • To consider the impact of the technology revolution on the business economy in terms of changing patterns of employment.
  • To consider whether the relationships between business and the schools can be further improved to encourage children to reach their full potential and at the same time provide the economy with competent and skilled adult citizens.

Environmental Condition Focus Group


  • To examine the state of the natural environment in Woodstock and the surrounding countryside and its impact on the lives of town residents, residents of neighbouring villages and visitors.
  • In particular, to review the town’s public open spaces such as the watermeadows, it’s nature reserves and the network of public rights of way, for recreation and leisure, and to consider whether and how to encourage greater use and awareness.
  • To examine the overall sustainability of the town’s infrastructure and the lifestyles of the community. In particular regard to be given to the reduction, re-use and recycling of consumables, encouragement of energy conservation measures, the preservation of bio-diversity, and the maintenance of high standards of air and water quality.
  • To encourage sustainable green travel plans for business, schools and personal use (cross-cutting with Transport and Access working group)

Social and Community Values Focus Group


  • To consider the interaction of the town’s community institutions – the schools, the Town Council, the police, the churches, its voluntary and charitable groups and its sports and social activities, and how these might be better coordinated and offer mutual help.
  • To review whether the level of public involvement with community activities is sufficiently broadly based.
  • To consider whether neighbouring villages are sufficiently engaged with the town (and the town community with them).
  • To consider the relationship with anti-social behaviour and low level crime with disaffected young people and lack of opportunities for their self-fulfilment.

Traffic and Transport Focus Group


  • To consider the impact, significance and potential for improvement of public, private and integrated transport modes to, from and within Woodstock for residents of the town and its surrounding parishes as well as for visitors and tourists
  • To review the frequency of bus services (including non-core hours), the suitability of bus stops and shelters and other passenger facilities, the availability of connections for cross country journeys (in particular to Witney, Hanborough Station, Kidlington and Watereaton P&R) and fare structures
  • To examine present parking arrangements in the town and whether they are adequate, fit for purpose and what economic benefits they bring.
  • To study the demand for additional parking against the policy objectives of OCC with regard to sustainability and the potential for increased traffic generation and unofficial park and riding.
  • To review road safety and traffic management issues including speed management, safe routes to schools, vulnerable road users and the needs of those without access to a car (incl. From neighbouring villages)

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