Woodstock Town Partnership

A beautiful and safe town set within accessible countryside
A thriving economy based on our strengths as an attractive visitor destination
A place with outstanding facilities for everyday life as well as for special events
A diverse community active in influencing its own future


The Focus Groups

The Partnership's first task was to establish the facts and figures about the town and the neighbouring villages. To do this we set up focus groups whose analysis followed the worksheet templates suggested by the South East Rural Towns Partnership (SERTP) - the so-called "market town healthcheck" process. This ensured that we covered all aspects of the life of the town that, together with other research, surveys and consultation activities would inform a clear and well reasoned vision for the future. That vision would need to be realistic and achievable and would have to involve the wide diversity of interests and experiences throughout the community and beyond into the surrounding parishes.

The SETRP Market Town Healthcheck process suggests research into the following aspects of town life:-

  1. economic conditions
  2. environmental conditions
  3. social conditions
  4. community issues
  5. transport issues
  6. access issues
  7. changing circumstances

However, we are a small town and the steering committee of the Partnership determined that some of these reports could be combined as follows:-

  1. Economic Well-being
  2. Environmental Conditions
  3. Social and Community Values
  4. Transport and Access

The issue of "changing circumstances" was, we felt, best addressed by each group concerned with the changing aspects of that particular focus.

Membership of the focus groups is listed on page 11. Membership was selected from invited participants with particular expertise and/or experience of the subject area.

The terms of reference for each of the groups are set out in Appendix A.

Worksheets and researched data are included at Appendix C (published separately to this document) and the results of the Focus Group SWOT analysis are given in Appendix B. (The acronym SWOT stands for S – Strengths, W- Weaknesses, O- Opportunities and T- Threats.)

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