Woodstock Town Partnership

A beautiful and safe town set within accessible countryside
A thriving economy based on our strengths as an attractive visitor destination
A place with outstanding facilities for everyday life as well as for special events
A diverse community active in influencing its own future


About the Partnership

The Partnership consists of a Steering Group, a series of Focus Groups and other representatives.

The Steering Committee (as at date of publication of the Town Partnership Report) - for current membership of the Partenership, see foot of page)

Chairman and Coordinator - Cllr Colin Carritt
Chris Baylis, Chair of the town’s premier business group, Wake Up To Woodstock www.wakeuptowoodstock.com
Cllr Ian Hudspeth of Oxfordshire County Council
Cllr Julian Cooper, West Oxfordshire District Council and Woodstock Town Council
Roger File Property Director Blenheim Palace
Sue McGlynn Executive Director of Transform Places and resident
Phil Morgan, Marlborough School, Woodstock
Dene Robson WODC Community Development Manager and resident

The Focus Groups
The Focus Groups were active in preparing the background data for the publication of the Partnership's report.  At the time of the report the focus group membership comprised:-

Economic Wellbeing
Chris Baylis
Paul Snell
Roger File
John Hoy
Barry Wheatley
Phil Morgan
Dene Robson

Traffic and Transport
Colin Carritt
Gerald Myatt
Brian Yoxall

Social and Community Values
Jill Dunsmore
Pauline Richardson – Woodstock Primary School
Gwen Mason

Environmental Condition
Emma Jay
Elizabeth Poskitt
Colin Carritt
Darrell Marchand – Woodstock Primary School
Bob Pomfret – Woodstock Youth Club

Present Partnership Members at January 2015 are:-
Chair - Colin Carritt
Chris Baylis
Sue McGlynn
Julian Cooper
Brian Yoxall
Mary Robertson
Elizabeth Poskitt
Ian Hudspeth
Phil Morgan
Dennis Allen
Julie Symcox
Mini Patel
Rachel Faulkner

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